Cheshire East Council to vote on 20mph Speed Limits on 16th December – Have Your Say!

At the full CE council meeting on Wednesday 16th Dec, there is a notice of motion to introduce a default 20mph speed limit in central urban and residential roads.  Your Cheshire East Councillors, Les Gilbert and Andrew Kolker will therefore have to vote For, Against or Abstain.  Before the vote, we would like to understand residents’ opinions and would be grateful if you could please complete a very quick survey on the issue. The link for which can be found at the end of this article.

The arguments For and Against, aren’t clear cut:

Congestion:  A 20mph speed limit may encourage motorists to use alternative forms of transport and so reduce congestion. On the other hand, cars will take longer to reach their destination and so congestion may increase.

Air Quality: At 20mph, it could be argued that drivers will need to brake and accelerate less, resulting in reduced pollution. However, cars run much less efficiently at 20mph, which could increase exhaust pollution.

Safety:  Injuries to pedestrians hit by cars are much less severe if the car is travelling slowly.  A speed limit of 20mph may lead to greater pedestrian and cyclist complacency, leading to more frequent accidents.

For comprehensive examination of the arguments, see the Government Atkins report at: