Cheshire East Draft Speed Management Strategy Consultation – Your opinion counts!

Please see the consultation information below.  This consultation is open to everyone and the Parish Council encourages residents to make a response.  Please  note you can send your response by email if you are not able to do so via the form.

Cheshire East Draft Speed Management Strategy Consultation

At the Highways and Transport Committee on 16/11/21 a resolution was passed to release the draft Cheshire East Speed Management Strategy for Consultation.

The draft Speed Management Strategy sets out a consistent approach to managing speed on the Borough’s highway network. We encourage you to follow the below link to the consultation which is now live on the Cheshire East Consultation Page. In addition to the questions asked as part of the consultation, there is the ability to upload a free text document.

Paper copies of the consultation will shortly be available in all of the Borough’s libraries in order to make the consultation more accessible.

The consultation opens on 1st December 2021 and will close on 31st January 2022.  The feedback we receive will be considered when finalising the strategy, which we hope will then be ready for adoption by Summer 2022.

Should you have any further questions, please contact the team by sending an email to 

Yours faithfully,

The Speed Management Strategy Project Team