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***New website now live:***

Goostrey Footpaths Group is an informal group of volunteers who work in co-operation with Goostrey Parish Council and Cheshire East Council Public Rights of Way Unit to maintain and improve rural footpaths around the village, making them more enjoyable and accessible to all, and to encourage the use of these footpaths.  The Group’s principal publication ‘More Goostrey Walks and Strolls’, describing a variety of walks around Goostrey, is unfortunately now out of print BUT SEE THE GOOD NEWS BELOW!!

In addition to ongoing care and maintenance, the Group was responsible for the smart oak finger-posts around the village and, in 2012 / 2013, worked with Cheshire East Council to create two new permanent footpaths linking Goostrey with Over Peover.  A leaflet describing the new paths and detailing two new walks is still (as at December 2021) available free from Goostrey Post Office.

With invaluable help from a local volunteer, Goostrey Footpaths Group has recently (September 2021) launched a new website – – and both the above mentioned items are available to download and print for free from that website.  The website also contains other, we hope useful and interesting, information about Goostrey footpaths, the Group and how to contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Contact Info :

  • Contact: Margaret Baker
  • Telephone: 01477 534238
  • E-mail:
  • Address: 2 Buckbean Way, Goostrey, Cheshire  CW4 8JJ