Development of Boothbed Lane Play Area Survey

PC Consultation Uploaded on January 16, 2023
The community of Goostrey has received nearly £40,000 to spend on play and amenity space within the village.  The area that could best benefit from this money is the Boothbed Lane Play Area.

This £40,000 sets the project up to be able to develop a larger scheme.  As a first step Goostrey Parish Council asked Ansa Environmental Services (Cheshire East’s provider and maintainer of play areas) to draw up a basic scheme to utilise the money.  This design would see the installation of a hardcore track around the play area field where youngsters could ride bicycles safely and provide a path for toddlers.

This may not sound a lot so to provide new play equipment and facilities would need in excess of £100,000.  This will need some serious fundraising and a project team to develop a scheme, publicise it, fundraise, write grant applications and to oversee delivery of the project.  The Parish Council does not have the resources or capacity to do this on its own.  This would be a community project so it makes sense for parents to be members of that project team over a period of 12 months or so.  If a suitable project team cannot be established then the backstop design will be installed.

So, to start to understand what the community would like to see we have a few questions.  As the project develops there will be the opportunity to have more input.  If you have children please ask them what they think too. We need to also recognise that without dedicated and passionate volunteers anything other than the path around the play area field will not be possible.

Follow the link below to complete the survey.

The closing date for this survey was 5pm on 28th February 2023