Dog Waste – Bag it and Bin it!

During the pandemic one of the great pleasures of living in Goostrey is being able to go for a walk  around the village or on one of the many public footpaths.  Families, individuals and dog walkers have been able to take advantage of the wonderful walks to exercise and feel the benefit of being in the fresh air.  Until now, we have not received any complaints about the issue of dog owners not clearing up after their pets.

However, in the last week we have received a number of complaints, as it seems that whilst the majority of dog owners/walkers do clean up after their pets, some appear not to be doing so, and others are bagging their dog’s waste and hanging it on a nearby bush or tree, leaving the owner of the land to clear it up. This is unacceptable behaviour.

If you own or walk a dog it is your responsibility to clean up after it and there are plenty of dog waste bins in the village (including outside the play area and opposite the Trading Post on Booth Bed Lane, at Dromedary Lodge Lane, Shearbrook, the Bogbean and Church Bank corner on Main Road) to accommodate the bagged waste.

It is worth remembering that if you are reported for not clearing up after a dog, a fine of up to £1000 can be levied by Cheshire East Council against you.

Please be a responsible pet owner/walker, consider others and save yourself a fine and clean up after your dog.

Thank you