Bus Pass Renewals

Cheshire East Council is asking all holders of a concessionary bus pass whether they need to renew their pass this year if it is no longer needed.

The council wants to minimise the number of passes it issues that go unused.  Disability passes, which are held by people of all ages with a disability, are NOT affected by this process and their existing pass will continue to be renewed in the usual way.

As an older person, if you have used your pass during the past 12 months, then you need not be concerned as the pass will renew automatically and you will receive the new one before the old one expires.

You need not contact the council.

Holders of a concessionary bus pass who have not used it since 1 November 2022 will not see their pass renewed automatically, but they can re-apply online or by visiting their local library or customer service centre. This should be done at least three weeks before they plan to travel. A new pass will be posted to them. An online application is a preferred option.

But it’s important that people who require a bus pass receive one.

To renew online visit:

Or visit one of our local libraries