Cheshire East Council Bus Service Review Consultation

Cheshire East Council has launched a consultation on their Bus Service Review. The review looks for opportunities to encourage more bus use and get more supported services operating commercially; change services to improve performance and passenger uptake; and get better value out of what the council is spending.

The consultation seeks views of bus users and non-bus users to understand where improvements can be made to encourage more people to travel by bus.

In addition, three proposals have been put forward as part of the review to amend service provision in targeted parts of the borough:

  • Proposal 1: Nantwich rural service modification
  • Proposal 2: 391/392 service upgrade
  • Proposal 3: Flexible transport in Cheshire East

The consultation will be live for 8 weeks until Wednesday 3 July 2024 and can be found here:

Paper copies of the survey are also available in libraries and at customer contact centres across the borough.