Royal British Legion (Women’s Section)

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Helping the sick and aged members of the Legion, with fund raising events The Royal British Legion exists to serve and protect the interests of ex-servicemen and women and their dependants. Advice and assistance is given for disability and war widows pensions; work is found suitable for the disabled; homes and housing are available for the aged and disabled and there are convalescent homes for the sick. Goostrey Branch is greatly involved in fund raising, particularly the Poppy Appeal, to make the Legions work possible. Its special concern are the two convalescent homes, Bying House at Southport and Lister House at Ripon, where Goostrey members have stayed. The sick and aged are regularly visited and wheel-chairs can be provided for the immobile. The Branch helps with arrangements for Remembrance Sunday and has revived in Goostrey the observance of the two minute silence on 11th November. Any ex-service personnel who are interested in joining the Legion and its work can contact the secretary for information. Special Events – Bingo fortnightly on a Saturday night and a special Easter and Christmas bingo, all held in the Village Hall

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  • Address: 16 Twemlow Green, Goostrey, Cheshire CW4 8DT