Police Budget 2024/25

Ahead of setting the police budget for 2024/25, The Police and Crime Commissioner, John Dwyer, has launched a short survey to gather residents’ views on issues in their community and the level at which the police precept should be set.

The survey can be taken until midday on Tuesday 23 January at

The Commissioner commented, “People will rightly ask what difference does taking this survey and the amount we pay towards policing make. The answer:  Lots.  Calls are being answered faster, incidents are being responded to quicker, there have been more arrests, more criminals charged and more ‘action taken’. Cheshire’s streets have more officers and fewer criminals on them. These are the basics of policing that people expect and in 2023 Cheshire Constabulary improved across all of them with the public’s support – So please do share this survey with your contacts and networks so that as many people as possible from all communities in Cheshire can have their say.”

In addition to the survey, the latest edition of the Commissioner’s Review highlighting the work of the  office in the final quarter of 2023 is available here.

If you require hard copies of either the survey or Commissioner’s Review, or if you have any accessibility requirements, please contact the Commissioner’s Office on 01606 364000 or by email at