Speedwatch team records one vehicle speeding through Goostrey on two occasions within an hour!

On Tuesday 6th August, the Goostrey Speedwatch Team recorded 9 vehicles speeding at 35 mph and above, on Main Road. The highest speed recorded was 39mph out of a total of 170 vehicles monitored. One vehicle was recorded speeding twice during the same session at 37 and 39mph, thats twice within one hour!!!

The Team carried out a second Speedwatch session on Thursday 8th August on Main Road at the junction with Sandy Lane junction. 11 vehicles were recorded speeding at 35 mph and above, highest speed recorded was 38mph, a total of 153 vehicles were monitored.

All vehicles recorded speeding by the team are reported to the Cheshire Constabulary. Drivers of vehicles travelling at 35mph and above will receive warning letters from the Police.

If you would like to join our Speedwatch team please contact the Clerk.