Proposed Village Improvement Plan Questionnaire – Have your say!

One of the objectives of the Annual Plan is to identify the potential for environmental improvements to various areas in the village.  Such improvements are likely to include in the main, soft landscaping with the possibility of some hard landscaping changes.

As part of the project, we are consulting with residents regarding the improvements they would like to see in the village.  A copy of the questionnaire will be delivered to every household in the village this week.  Alternatively, you can submit your response electronically via Survey Monkey by using the the link below:


We would encourage everyone who wishes to take part in the consultation to make an electronic return or complete the paper form.

There will be a prize draw.  To enter you must submit a completed questionnaire (paper and online submissions are eligible), but you must remember to fill in your name, and telephone number or email address otherwise we will not be able to contact you if you win! There are 3 prizes to the value of £20 each.

View printable survey document