Housing Developments in Goostrey

During 2020 Cheshire East Council ran consultations on Part 2 of its Local Plan (also called the SADPD or Site Allocations and Development Policies Document).  The Parish Council is aware that two sites were proposed by developers for Goostrey during these consultations.  The first is for 150 houses at The Grange, put forward by Bellway Homes, and the second is for 100 houses off New Platt Lane, opposite Blackberry Gardens, put forward by Wardle Armstrong.   More information about these proposals can be found at the consultation responses link below.  At the end of each section are two pdf files which show further details.

The latest draft of the SADPD (the ‘Revised Publication Draft’) does not allocate any sites anywhere in Goostrey or any new houses.  However, before the SADPD is finally approved, it will need to be submitted firstly to a full meeting of Cheshire East Council and then to an Inspector for a Public Inquiry.

Even if the SADPD is approved without change, this does not prevent developers submitting speculative planning applications.  Neither of the two proposals have been submitted as applications at this time.  If any applications are made, the Parish Council will carefully review them against the Cheshire East Local Plan Policies and Goostrey Neighbourhood Plan Policies and seek to represent the views of the Parish, as it has done for previous large applications in the village.